Caroline Morris-Stahl

Caroline: The Zesty One

Zesty LemonAide™:

full-flavored, versatile assistance,
fully certified — no artificial ingredients here.

Who’s the driving force behind ZestyWords? You’re looking at her: Caroline Morris-Stahl. Founder. Owner. Chief Mover & Shaker. Ms. Zesty herself.

She’s your firsthand right-hand partner in serving up Zesty LemonAide and getting things done (9 years and counting!). She also draws on a small, highly talented stable of experienced specialists as needed: Cohorts to cover several fronts at once when a project demands concurrency, for example. Or experts in grant- and proposal-writing protocols, to take a close, second look so you don’t have to.

(How are we already connected?)

You may also want to know “What’s the driving force behind ZestyWords?”

It starts with your initial ZestyWords Consultation. And our belief that in order to provide the right answers, we have to ask the right questions. So be prepared.

We arrive with an arsenal of pointed, step-by-step Q&A aimed at zeroing in on specific areas (some you may not have realized) where our assistance can add value. We also practice something else we believe…

‘Listening is
the first half of talking.’

(Actually, it’s more like 90%).

…to get to know your business, how you operate,  and who your clients/customers are. And to determine how our skill sets can best complement, blend and integrate with the rest of your organization, to meet specific service needs — and strengthen your overall offering (such as content strategy and editorial calendar support).

By time the session ends, chances are an action plan to accomplish your objectives will be spelled out, budget parameters agreed to and timeline checkpoints set in order to ensure that activities stay on-target and on time.

Our ability to see clearly and move quickly has been honed by firsthand, hands-on experience working with small-business startup entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like to wear many hats — and have worn most of them. Which makes ZestyWords a highly competent, prized partner for umpteen tasks and “i-dotting, t-crossing” know-how that helps make or break any enterprise (Hint: it involves your relationship with words).

Certifiably Qualified

Along with our “street creds,” Zesty Herself brings a diverse groupLinkedIn Icon
of formal education and professional credentials.

  • Internal Auditor – Quality & Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 19011:2011
  • Registered Health Information Technologist (RHIT) program, AHIMA accredited
  • Health & Safety Administrator Training Certificate – American Red Cross
  • Amateur Radio License, Technician
  • Library of Michigan Limited Professional Certificate, Class B
  • Modern Management and Leadership Skills Training Certificate

All on top of a BA from Eastern Illinois University:

Major – English Composition & Literature;
Double Minor in Professional/Technical Writing and Women’s Studies

Plus professional real-world paying gigs in areas such as Academic and Public Librarianship, Accounts Receivable (handling hundreds of thousands of dollars), Administrative Assisting, Hospitality, Management and Professional & Technical Writing.

Zesty Freebees

Somehow Zesty finds time to assist worthy causes (other than your business, of course) free of charge. Some of her past and present Volunteer efforts include:

  • Girl Scouts Alumna & Current Troop Leader
  • NRDC BioGems Defender
  • TerraPass, Inc.
  • H.O.S.T.S. Mentor
  • Alliance for the Great Lakes Beach Cleanup Coordinator
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief – Client Caseworker post-Hurricane Katrina

Zesty in Giant Chair - Lincoln NE Children's Museum