Zesty LemonAide™ tailored to your taste.

Big job or small, quick ’n easy or labor intensive—the idea is to shift projects off your plate and onto ours without missing a beat. Including tasks such as…


Outside Eyes – Process Analysis – Accountability Partner – Editorial Calendar Support & Execution – Content Strategy Support – Website Liaison – Certified Internal Auditor ISO 9001:2008, ISO 19011:2011


Business – Technical – Creative     Digital and Hard Copy

Web Content – Ghost Writing – Correspondence – Powerpoint slide decks – Résumés – Reports – Proposals – Blogs – Newsletters – Custom Forms – Instructions – Handbooks – Manuals – Catalogs – Brochures/Desktop Publishing – Fliers – Networking Event Commercials & Elevator Speeches


Client Retention Strategy Support – Contact Management – Marketing Strategy Execution Support

RESEARCH, primary and secondary – FACT CHECKING

SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES – spit n’ polish or initial set-up

Next to every great Content King stands an Editing Queen…who’s in your court?

ZestyWords - professional editing and Virtual Admin servicesWe have a knack for making the ordinary look mighty good.

Need help with something you don’t see here? Just ask. And if you wonder how ZestyWords people can do so many things so well, consider that…In many cases, it’s because we’ve done them before, and we have formal professional, certified task-specific training (see multiple credentials in ABOUT ZestyWords).

To these qualifications we add resourcefulness, creativity, initiative, persistence (aka dogged determination)—all laced with a healthy dose of common sense.

ZestyWords Virtual Assistance SOP

Clients find that we’re relatively informal, fun folks to work with. That’s due in large part to the fact that we “get the buttons in place”—from the start and every step of the way.

In addition to overall project parameters (see ABOUT ZestyWords), we also zero-in on details that are critical to a remote or “virtual” modus operandi vs. on-site partners. Such as:

  • Best communication methods (telephone, email, Skype, IM, Pony Express…).
  • Best/worst days & times of day to connect.
  • We schedule regular meetings to ensure that work is progressing properly and that timetables are being met.

And, of course, there are typical working agreement and budget details.

  • Rates are determined by project type and length. We can bill per project, per hour (periodic invoices) or establish a monthly retainer.
  • A good faith deposit and a signed Service Agreement precedes commencement of work and protects both parties.